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An Experienced Family
Law Firm

An Experienced Family Law Firm

CFIV Groups152938

We are Collier Florance Van Scoy

We are Collier Florance
Van Scoy

Collier Florance Van Scoy is a boutique family law firm that provides the level of service and attention we know families need during this time in their lives.

We understand the importance of being with our clients every step of the way, and we know our clients appreciate and value the level of support and guidance we provide.

Our partners have complementary skill sets and perspectives that enlarge the scope of services we can offer to each of our clients.

We are like-minded in terms of serving the profession—we are each actively engaged in and serve in leadership roles in the legal community, and we each have a deep commitment to improving the legal profession.

Our Attorneys

Heather S. Collier


Casey Weinberg Florance


Donna E. Van Scoy


Elizabeth Estephan


Why CFV Law?

Our firm exclusively practices family law, and we take a tailored approach to each and every case. We understand that effective advocacy does not mean a “slash and burn” approach, and we rarely counsel clients to go to Court as the very first step. We strive to help clients preserve relationships where possible, especially between parents and children, and between co-parents.

Our attorneys understand how small decisions impact the long-term ones, and how the big picture is often dependent on the details.

We develop a personalized strategy for each client and then adeptly guide them through the process.

We are seen as “go-to” attorneys in the family law community, and we are accessible and responsive. We also have long-standing relationships with the many other professionals that may be needed for your matter, including accountants, business valuation experts, realtors and appraisers, therapists and custody evaluators, vocational rehabilitation experts, and parent coordinators. Our excellent reputation in the legal community allows us to call on these experts when needed for your case. 

We employ a level of creativity and ingenuity in negotiating resolutions that benefits our clients and their goals. We seek out practical solutions, and we counsel our clients to think through all possible outcomes, and to make informed and intelligent decisions throughout their cases. We actively engage our clients in the process and solicit client feedback and ideas regularly.  We are adept mediators and negotiators, and we work towards amicable and durable resolutions for our clients whenever possible.   

When an out-of-court resolution is not possible, we are fierce advocates for our clients in the courtroom. Our partners each have reputations for being skilled litigators and formidable opponents in any conflict. 

In addition to representing our clients well, we are each active members and leaders of a variety of legal and community organizations. We are leaders in local and state Bar associations, the Inns of Court, and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. We are often appointed by the Court to serve as attorneys for children or mediators. Our reputation for excellence is also reflected in the many recognitions we have received, including being routinely listed among the best divorce lawyers in the region in both the Washingtonian and Bethesda Magazine

Most importantly, we take our obligations to our clients seriously. Our goal is to effectively represent each client throughout their matter with courtesy, professionalism, and a focus on the client’s needs and goals. We often take a team approach, because we understand that our sum is greater than our parts, and our individual skills and styles converge to ensure that each client benefits from our collective strength and experience.  

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